SEO Ranking

Steps to Improve Your SEO

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical of improving your pagerank in the search engine for a keyword. When a website has a high pagerank, it will be displayed in the top of search results list.

Why we need a high pagerank?

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All time that you do searching on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, you’ve ever click on the result that display in the next 5rd or 6th page? 90% is rarely.

Typically, if a website can display in the top of search results list, it will have more chances to get clicks that is a huge traffic from the search engine for free.

SEO is very important for your website. When you know how to implement SEO strategies you will see your organic traffic explode. If SEO of every page grow, your pagerank will grow and then a hurricane traffic will blow to every web page in your whole website.

How to Implement SEO on a Website

Before you start creating any pages for your website, you should research on keyword to make sure that keyword was actually being searched and was getting impressions and then write the article about that keyword (it’s very important for SEO article writing). By the way, while you’re writing an article, you should think about “title, meta tags, headlines, bold, italics, images, underline, external links (backlinks), internal links and contents”.

SEO Tools

Every pages of your website should have:

  • Meta Tags: 10-15 keywords related to your article (Meta Tags). In the title (Meta Title) should include the keyword. In the description (Meta Description) should include 25-35 words in a sentence format and make sure your keyword is at the beginning of the description.
  • Title: Add your relevant keyword into the title of the article.
  • Keyword: The keyword should be linked once in the text (the keyword will be underlined in the copy).
  • Headlines: Make sure that you use the H1 and H2 tags in your article and write keyword targeted phrases in these tags. Many site designers completely fail to do this.
  • – H1: “How to Increases SEO Ranking” – it is so clear and meaningful for this article. This phrase is a top keyword in this page and also a popular keyword in Google. Why? Answer is that, you just type this phrase in Google search box you will see it appears a full phrase before you finished it.

    – H2: “How to Implement SEO in Website– it is not meaningful but it verify to a meaning of this article and it includes another keyword “SEO” that is a secret short-cut for Search Engine Optimization.

    (e.g., the H1 tag and the content) should be as close to the top of possible.

  • Bold, Italic & Underline: The Keyword should be BOLD, ITALIC or UNDERLINE once in the article.
  • Image: add your keyword to your image (Image description or title).
  • Internal Links: It’s best to do an internal link, either to the same page (same URL) or to another page or your blog or website that is relevant. You may also link to a relevant external site however this should be used sparingly or at least to high ranking sites like government sites or Wikipedia for example.
  • Backlinks: Link back to your page from external via the keyword by post some comments on forum and social media that have topic relevant to your article.
  • URL Signature: In your links don’t forget include description on it.
  • Contents: Must be unique and useful for your visitors.

Then write your article based on ONLY THE BEST keywords. Since each article should focus on one or two keyword/phrases, this gives you the best chance at getting listed in the natural search results. Then submit your article to at least two article directory sites (don’t use the same article, try to fix it different before submit, if not you will kill your SEO) such as: (PR.6) (PR.6) (PR.5) (PR.4) (PR.4) (PR.3)

Search Engines always look at the H1, H2, page title or page name to identify what the site is about. Google ranks a site on the basis of how many well-ranked sites link to it. That why some webmasters exploit this by swapping links with each other. This is a wrong idea, because right now Google not ranks such sites that link each other any more.

Building website traffic is a long process not just only one day event and need your effort to do it. The best technique that is free and works well over time, is just update and add more content to your website regularly and try to connect with people in the social networking sites.